Accuturn can provide a large scope of high-quality precision-machining solutions to our customers. We function as a complete-machining shop and as a job-shop to cover all of our customers’ needs. Our experienced teams are able to handle anywhere from one-part orders to high-volume orders. Our processes include Turning, Milling & Swiss Screw Machining with the ability to meet .0001” tolerances. We are committed to primarily serving the Aerospace and Defense industries as well as the Medical, Maritime, and Green Energy industries. Our dedicated cross-functional teams in management, engineering and production work together to ensure that Accuturn is meeting our customers’ requirements and exceeding their expectations. 


CNC Milling

From prototyping to high-volume production, our state of the art multi-axis CNC Milling Centers allow us to manufacture highly complex components with precision, efficiency, and reduced lead times. Contact us today to take a tour of our facility!


CNC Turning

Our modern CNC Lathes enable our teams to manufacture high-volume orders with tight-tolerances according to our customers exact blueprint specifications. From sourcing the material to providing NDT, we are the one-stop solution for all of our customers.

swiss screw

Swiss Screw Machining

Accuturn’s Swiss Screw Centers enable us to carry out high-volume production runs, creating intricate screws for various market applications. Our full-capacity Swiss Screw Centers include secondary processes such as slotting, back drilling, cross-drilling, and cross-tapping.

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Accuturn works with our customers’ blueprints to initiate the efficient machining processes that yield our high-quality, tight-tolerance products. Our engineering team works closely with our customers to create their desired prototypes and meet their unique blueprint specifications.


Quality Control

Our Zeiss CMM equipped with a RDS-CAA probe head enables us to perform highly precise and accurate dimensional, positional and profile measurements even on complex 5-axis milled parts. We pride ourselves with providing you with high-quality results from our team of skilled, experienced engineers.

mat + proc

Materials & Processes

Accuturn has over 24 years of expertise applying our internal and external processes on a diverse selection of materials to ensure our customers get the full service while only having to with one supplier.