Accuturn has worked with many of the world’s major manufacturers and system integrators supporting their requirements. We have over 20 years of expertise in tight-tolerance, complex 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC Milling. Our Milling Centers are equipped with highly-skilled teams that carry out the most complex operations with our modern technology. Accuturn’s CNC Milling capabilities allow us to bring to life complex geometries with accuracy and precision. Our tight-tolerance machined components are applied to a multitude of industries such as, Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Medical, and Clean Energy. No job is too complex for our engineering and production teams. Accuturn has successfully taken on high-volume milling projects that meet our customer’s blueprint specifications and exceed their expectations. 

What is 3/4/5-Axis CNC Milling?

CNC Milling is a complex specialty in the world of precision machining. CNC Milling is a manufacturing process where a programmed machine directs rotating cutting tools to remove intricate pieces from an existing material on a 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis plane. Depending on the CNC Milling Center, the rotational movement applies to the cutting tools, tabletop, or both. This process is helpful in creating highly-detailed, precise, and complex components all at a higher production rate.



Industries Applications
Aerospace & Defense
From landing gear to engine components, aircrafts are composed of assembled complex machined products to enable their functionality. Products made for commercial or government aircrafts must comply with industry specifications, hold tight tolerances, and be of the highest-quality.
Underwater vessels require high precision components to ensure the integrity of the body when it is partially or fully submerged in water.
Green Energy
Different green energy technologies and components must be created with durable material to corrosion and weathering. Wind and water turbines require complex and accurate component to efficiently convert natural resources into clean energy.
From the metal components in CT and MRI machines to dental instruments, medical technology and tools incorporate detailed and varying sized machined components. These parts must be manufactured with precision and high-quality, and created from a wide range of materials.


  • Accuturn’s 3/4/5 Axis Milling and Mill-Turn Machining create complex parts.
  • Our Milling Centers enable us to carry out high-volume production runs.
  • Up to 0.0001” tight-tolerance machining and high-precision intricacies are maintained in our Milling capabilities.
  • We work with a wide range of exotic alloys and other material (ex: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Plastics, and more).
  • We have an entrusted network of suppliers to cover material-sourcing all the way to heat-treating and NDT.
  • Accuturn creates short lead times and competitive pricing due to our efficient processes and experienced engineering and production teams.
  • Incremental deliveries are planned in advance to meet our customer’s production schedule.
Our quality-driven engineering and production teams will fabricate your complex prototypes and manufacture your high-volume orders in no time! Contact us to see how we can help you succeed with your next project.