In light of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Accuturn has celebrated the impact of the women in our company and commemorate women in the STEM field who have enabled us to make significant advances in manufacturing. From Rosie the Riveter to Margaret Knight, women have motivated their female peers to be innovative and involved in the manufacturing industry. During this month, Accuturn not only celebrates the achievements of women in manufacturing, but we also mark our own milestone. Monali Viroja, pictured above, is the first woman to be CEO of Accuturn Manufacturing Company. With over 15 years of experience building her way up through the manufacturing ladder, Mona brings her leadership and management skills to the next level.

“Connecticut is the hub for manufacturing and I am so proud to be working with a motivated team who understands our responsibility within the supply chain. With this responsibility comes leadership- leadership of our company and leadership within the community. Within the company and outside of these walls, we want to enable women and men to explore the endless opportunities in the STEM field. I am empowered to be a woman in manufacturing and hopefully I can inspire others to take on the exciting challenges that this field has to offer.”

-Monali Viroja, CEO of Accuturn

Accuturn continuously trains our employees to ensure they are competitive candidates in Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Medical, and Green Energy manufacturing. We have participated in various state-run programs, such as StepUp and various apprenticeship programs, to provide more opportunities to our local labor force. Accuturn has partnered with local schools and universities to provide paid opportunities to young women and men who are interested in pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry. Marlene, one of our recent digital marketing high school interns took on an opportunity to work with Accuturn on a website development project.

“When I first started, I was scared because I thought my experience was not enough. After working with Accuturn, I realized with the opportunity I was given and the leadership I was working with, I was able to reignite and grow my passion for web development. As a young woman who aspires to work in the Computer Science field, this job gave me the push I needed to pursue my goal. I know I can make something great from this opportunity.”

-Marlene, Student Intern at Accuturn

Accuturn is committed to providing excellence to our supply chain, coworkers, and community. Even after Women’s History Month comes to an end, we will continue to celebrate the accomplishments of our female peers and provide young women with opportunities in the hopes that one day, they will be celebrated during Women’s History Month.

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